I am originally from Corner Brook, Newfoundland, Canada. I was raised in the United Church of Canada tradition. I have a BA (Memorial), an MDiv (Victoria – Toronto), and an MA (Birmingham). I currently work as an English teacher in a university language centre in South Korea. I am also an Interim Pastoral Leader at Open Doors Metropolitan Community Church in Seoul, an Emerging Church of the MCC denomination, and a congregation of the Progressive Christian Alliance.

I’ve been married for 12 years, and my life is strung out among various cities in South Korea. I enjoy music, and have sung in a choir or two in my time. I also take pride in my CD collection, although I can’t figure out why I keep losing my Canadian CDs every few years! I also enjoy trying different cuisines, although I now find that I have to keep up a workout routine rigorous enough to let me do this (eek!).


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  1. Hi!

    This might seem really random but I saw you mention Kim Bo-Mi in one of your posts four years ago? She was the first lesbian student council president in South Korea. I wanted to interview her for this documentary that I am making. You see, when she was President, it was one of her projects to establish a memorial statue for victims of sexual slavery during the Second World War. I’ll be visiting Korea on the 25th of June and I really wanted to interview her. Do you know her email? Or her social media account?

    If you have any information for me, regarding her email or my documentary, please do not hesitate to message me. Here’s a link to my social media account: https://www.facebook.com/mariahajeeel



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