An Evolving Train Wreck and Debacle, Pt. 6 : Aren’t You Folks Telegraphing This Just A Bit?

As I noted before, things have proceeded with some speed in this evolving psychodrama, even to the point where I’ve decided that it’s time for me to take some action on this (you’ll see more below). However, I’ve skipped the events surrounding the 18th Korea Queer Culture Festival – which I will be writing on, I promise(!) – to get to the next important installment.

As you will read, the joint witch-hunti – er, excuse, joint heresy investigation committee (the first one does sound more appropriate, doesn’t it?) met to conduct their ‘investigat’tion’ (if you can call it that!). Strange, though – they saw fit to issue this report to a news service which was likely favorable to them (the Kookmin Daily, a conservative news service) but didn’t send it to others, like Newsnjoy, where most of my articles have come from, or to the Rev Borah Lim herself! What’s that all about?! Playing to the gallery? Preaching to the choir? Gathering the wagons? I guess you can figure that out!

Anyway, here’s my rough translation:

Pastor Borah Lim – A False Theology of Salvation

A heresy investigation committee of 8 major denominations meet on the 20th to determine the heresy of Pastor Lim

Posted 2017.07.21/Last amended 2017.07.27

On the 20th, the joint heresy investigation committee, made up of representatives of eight Korean church denominations, met at the headquarters of Korean Christian Methodist Church (Sejong University) in Jongno-gu, Seoul to examine the heresy of the Rev Lim Borah.

The chairmen are planning to report at the end of each denomination’s synod meeting in September as soon as the joint heresy investigation is over.

On this day, five Presbyterian Churches of Korea (GAPCK – Hap Dong, TongHap, Daesin, Kosin, Hapsin), as well as the Methodist Church of Korea, the Evangelical Holiness Church of Korea, and the Korea Baptist Convention, who make up the heresy investigation committee, pointed out that Pastor Lim is promoting a wrong theology and soteriology[1]. They also determined she makes anti-biblical claims which defend an incorrect family system, and is attacking orthodox churches and theology.

They said, “Pastor Lim asserts that homosexuality is biblical because God mistakenly puts a variety of sexual identities on humanity, and that the Bible does not forbid homosexuality.”

They added, ‘She argues that homosexuality is not the cause of the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah, since the prohibition is not against homosexuality but improper sex’; consequently, ‘she argues that claiming homosexuality is sinful is the product of a society centered on heterosexuality’.


On the 20th, the joint heresy investigation committee, made up of representatives of eight Korean church denominations, met at the headquarters of Korean Christian Methodist Church (Sejong University) in Jongno-gu, Seoul to examine the heresy of the Rev Lim Borah. (Photo from the Kookmin Daily)


The members of the heresy investigation committee analyzed the problems of soteriology and an incorrect family system, and took the position that they posed problems with the Pastor Lim’s criticism of orthodox churches and theology.

The members of the committee said ‘Pastor Lim insists on a pluralistic soteriology by distorting God’s word about sin and judgment’ and that ‘Justifying a same-sex marriage family system justifies the wrong family system, and this is a concern that it will develop into a logic that justifies not discriminating against polygamy or incest.’

They added ‘Pastor Lim criticizes the orthodox Christian stance against homosexuality as being based on a literal interpretation of the Bible and that its understanding of human rights is superficial, ignorant, and based on prejudice’; thus ‘She argues that the orthodox church is distorting the Gospel and should repent.’

The committee stated ‘Because of this heresy, Pastor Lim is encouraging homosexuality and is participating in queer festivals to pray for and bless homosexuals, rather than calling on them to repent and return.’

If the report of the joint heresy investigation committee is adopted, the Assemblies of God Korea (excluding the Full Gospel Church, Youido) will also confirm the heresy of the Rev Lim.

The Presbyterian Church in the Republic of Korea Association of Women Pastors (PROK-AWP), of which Pastor Lim is a member, issued a statement on the 3rd, saying, ‘Pastor Lim has been a pastor who has worked hard to build up the family, church, and society properly’, and urged a halt to the heresy investigation, ‘Do not automatically brand the expression of one’s freedom of conscience and one’s love for the weak as heresy.’

Reporter: Baek Sang-hyun

The original article can be found at

A Final Request:

I hope that you share my sense of disgust at the actions instigated by the General Assembly of Presbyterian Churches in Korea (GAPCK). This denomination has decided, on their own volition, to subject a minister of another denomination, over whom they have no disciplinary or pastoral authority, to an investigation for doctrinal error, over an issue on which many Christians disagree, but which is not a central doctrine of the Christian faith.

However, the GAPCK has convinced the Presbyterian Church of Korea (PCK – the TongHap Church) to be part of this endeavor. This denomination is part of the World Communion of Reformed Churches (WCRC). In Article IV of the WCRC Constitution (Values), it clearly states:

The World Communion of Reformed Churches in its order and actions is called to respect, defend, and advance the dignity of every person. In Jesus Christ all human differences must lose their power to divide. No one shall be disadvantaged for, among other reasons, race, ethnicity, or gender, and no individual or church may claim or exercise dominance over another. (my emphasis)

As I read it (at least), the GAPCK, through instigating these actions, is encouraging churches to exercise dominion over other churches. Therefore, it is appropriate and necessary that international pressure be brought to bear on the GAPCK.

With this in mind, I have posted a petition on the petition website, It has already gained many signatures, for which I’m grateful. However, if you have not seen it yet, I would ask you to take a look and consider signing it. You can find it at:

Thank you.

[1] Soteriology is one’s theology of salvation – how one is ‘saved’, so to speak.


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