An Evolving Train Wreck and Debacle, Pt.2 – Or, ‘Witch Hunting Likes Company(?)’

It appears the General Assembly of Presbyterian Churches in Korea (GAPCK) didn’t feel secure enough in its position as the largest Protestant denomination in Korea to investigate the minister of another denomination over which it had no pastoral authority – so they decided to call in a little help! Here’s a translation of an article from another news service which describes that move!

‘Pastor’s Homosexual Advocacy, Heresy Problem’[1],[2]

Eight Churches Cooperate on Heresy Inestigation of Pastor Lim Bora

Reporter: Beom Yong-su (2017.06.27)


Eight churches have agreed to cooperate with the investigation on the homosexual advocacy activities of the Rev. LIm Bora.

Representative of these eight churches (Methodist, Evangelical Holiness, Baptist, Presbyterian (Daeshin), Presbyterian (Donghap), Presbyterian (Hapdong), Presbyterian (Hapsin), Presbyterian (Kosin)[3]) met in the General Assembly offices on June 27th to share information on the homosexual advocacy activities of the Rev Lim Bora, and decided to cooperate in a heresy investigation.

Recently, the Rev Lim received a letter notifying her of a heresy investigation from the Ethics Committee of the General Assembly of Presbyterian Churches in Korea (GPACK)[4].

The Rev Lim has participated in the Korea Queer Culture Festival (KQCF), and has recently participated in the publication of the Queer Bible Commentary (QBC).

The eight denominational representatives said, ‘Since this pastor is proceeding with homosexual issues in a doctrinal way, we are conducting this investigation of heresy to protect the members and pastors in our denominations, regardless of where they belong’.

The Rev Jung Yong-sik, Moderator of the GPACK, said, ‘In addition to publishing the Queer Bible Commentary, Pastor Lim Bora as a Protestant pastor has been a homosexual advocate for the past tweo years.’

Jin added, ‘Even if she does not respond to this inquiry, we have data on her homosexual advocacy activities’…The next joint meeting of the eight denominations will be held in July.

[1] Original article: 범영수 (2017, 27 June). “목사의 동성애 옹호, 이단문제 해당”. NewsPower [online]. Accessed 29 June 2017 from

[2] As with other articles, I take responsibility for any errors in translation.

[3] My note: there are almost 100 Presbyterian denominations in the Republic of Korea(!).

[4] My note: this is the Presbyterian Church (Hapdong).


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